“The multitude of slender, upright towers are just looked at, and all hurry to see the leaning one.”

J.W. Goethe – Italian Journey


Orsi Vigneto San Vito is located on the hills of Bologna, in the town of Valsamoggia.

This area historically dedicated to viticulture: in order to fully respect this vocation, and to produce true wines of this terroir, we practice an agriculture which is capable of revitalizing the soil, stimulating plants and producing fruits with a strong bond with the territory.

In the cellar we try not to loose this heritage by avoiding invasive oenological interventions. The fermentations are spontaneous without the use of selected yeasts, and there is no clarification or filtration on the wines. This is not a faith for us, or a marketing strategy, but a matter of taste: we want wines with a distinct, non-standardized personality.

The farm also breeds Mora romagnola pigs in a free range. We respect nature, excluding synthesis products, from a closed-loop perspective to preserve biodiversity.