Who we are


Vigneto San Vito is located near Bologna, in the hills, at an altitude of 200 meters. There are ancient testimonies of the presence of quality wines dating back to medieval scenes with the Abbey of Nonantola.

San Vito has been producing wine for fifty years. Since Carola and I came in 2005, we have been committed to enhancing the typical wines of this area: we wanted to produce strongly expressed wines of our terroir, distinct and non-standardized.

We believe that biodynamic agriculture allows us to produce more original wines, more representative of the place where the vine has grown, thanks to its ability to revitalize the soil, stimulate plants and produce fruits with a strong bond with the territory. Vines are not fertilized or irrigated, but the natural humus of the ground is sustainably obtained through the rediscovery of ancient techniques.

The same approach is used in the cellar, not to loose this heritage during the winemaking process. The fermentations are spontaneous with only native yeasts, without the use of the selected ones, and the wines are not clarified or filtered. The wine-grape metamorphosis must be in the most natural way, accepting the unpredictability that this entails, and the different character that each vintage implements.

More than a faith or a marketing strategy, for us this is a choice of taste and a way of feeling really part of the terroir.

We think that the farm must be like a cycle, in order to establish an energy balance, strengthen synergy between different crops and achieve the greatest biodiversity.

We grow vegetables, which we regularly deliver to some restaurants, together with other organic farmers in Valsamoggia. We strongly believe in a new way of catering, focused on seasonality and variety of products, to their freshness and genuineness, in order to reduce waste.

Restaurants where chefs and farmers communicate constantly to have always fresh vegetables, great for being used without scraps (even skins!), and minimizing the use of the fridge and enhancing the work done in the field.

In the same perspective of biodiversity and link with the territory, we have a small breeding of Mora romagnola pigs. Unfortunately, finding bio-certified animals of this breed is almost impossible, which is why our salami does not have the organic certificate. But, they are free to grope in the woods, fields and vineyards; their nutrition is only integrated with grain, barley, beans and scraps of the garden. We do not use feed or corn. The mortadella we produce is a sort of provocation: we decided to use all parts of the pig, even the best ones.