What we do

“In Nature we never see anything isolated, but everything in connection with something else which is before it, beside it, under it, and over it.”
J.W. Goethe

Our company produces natural fermented wines, with only indigenous yeasts, unrefined, coming from vineyards cultivated with the biodynamic method, as well as vegetables and cereals; and in order to achieve a full-cycle farm, we also breed Mora Romagnola pigs, and we have two sheep, wich goes around.


We have decided to join winemakers with the same philosophy we have, to share with them organization and storage, that are often very costly. From this collaboration was born Co.Vi.Bio (Consortium of Biodynamic Vineyards). Co.Vi.Bio’s partners have a shared catalog, warehouse and management, because we believe that synergy can be positive and stimulating for everyone.




Pignoletto 100% dalla nostra migliore vigna, raccolto a piena maturazione ed esclusivamente a mano in piccole cassette. Fermentazione spontanea in grandi botti di Allier dove poi affina per 9 mesi sulle proprie fecce (batonnage). Arriva in bottiglia senza mai subire chiarifiche o filtrazioni, e vi riposa per almeno altri 6 mesi.

Pignoletto 100% from our best vineyard, harvested when fully ripe and exclusively by hand in small boxes. Spontaneous fermentation in large barrels of Allier where it then ages for 9 months on its lees (batonnage). No clarified or filtered, aged for at least another 6 months in the bottle.


Ricicla! / Recycle!

bottiglia vetro - colore foglia morta
glass bottle - brown
GL72 vetro
tappo sughero
FOR51 raccolta dedicata
C/ALU 90  alluminio
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